Dallas Is Now Breadstick Nation, Olive Garden Says. Lucky Us.

Just when you thought that Olive Garden, that bastion of vaguely Italian-ish cuisine beloved by aunts everywhere, couldn’t get any better, they prove you wrong. In support of their new Signature Breadstick Sandwiches (capitalization theirs), the OG is taking their Alfredo-slathered show on the road, and they arrived in Dallas this week.

If there is anything more beautiful than eating free Olive Garden breadsticks without actually having to enter an Olive Garden? We’re not sure what that would be. Should you find yourself around Pegasus Park starting at about 12:30 p.m today, you can try one of the cheese and sauce-filled breadsticks directly from an olive-green food truck that Olive Garden has been tooling around the country in, preaching the gospel of #BreadstickNation.

Olive Garden currently offers two varieties of breadstick sandwich, one stuffed with chicken Parmesan, the other with meatballs. If you’re lucky, maybe you can snag a sample of each, which will undoubtedly be an explosion of rustic, Italian flavor all up in your mouth. No word yet on whether these are bites or full sandwiches, but it’s likely that you could make a full lunch out of samples if you try hard enough.

The #BreadstickNation truck has already made its way to Houston and San Antonio, but we weren’t able to find many tweets from Texans who had enjoyed this fabulous new creation to get an idea of whether schlepping out of your office building is worthwhile. In fact, we weren’t even able to find any photos of these so-called samples, which must mean that they’re so delicious that they were devoured before they could be Instagrammed.

If you’re a #BreadstickNation devotee, you can find the Olive Garden food truck in three locations across Dallas this week, including the Continental Avenue Bridge and Panther Island Pavilion. To further sweeten the pot — as if free breadsticks weren’t enough — Olive Garden is awarding one lucky winner a free year of lunches at the restaurant for the best breadstick-related selfie, and who doesn’t want an entire year of overcooked pasta and as much Zuppa Toscana as you can shove into your face?

We are absolutely not opposed to the idea of free food, especially food that's slathered in butter and then stuffed with chicken Parmesan, which means that at least one of you should head to Downtown, check it out and report back. If they’re dope, we’ll all run out to the nearest Olive Garden and gorge ourselves on delicious, delicious breadsticks. Actually, we’re probably going to do that anyway. 

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