Spoiler alert: Revolver took the No. 1 spot.EXPAND
Spoiler alert: Revolver took the No. 1 spot.
Photo by Kathy Tran, art direction by Sarah Schumacher

Dallas Redditors, Join Us On r/Dallas for an AMA About the Top 100 Dallas Restaurants

Tomorrow, our Top 100 Dallas Restaurants issue hits newsstands across DFW — and it's already online in all its lengthy, delicious glory. Tonight, Observer food critic Brian Reinhart, a prolific local Reddit user, will host an informal AMA (also known as an Ask Me Anything, or for those over the age of 40, a Q&A) on the Dallas subreddit r/Dallas.

Starting at 6:30 p.m., Reinhart will take all your questions, big and small. Wanna complain that your favorite restaurant didn't make the cut and grill Brian about why? Here's your chance. Never had Laotian food but curious about the restaurants that made the list and what you should order there? Ask away.

He'll be answering your questions well into this evening, so pop over to r/Dallas after work and let him answer all your burning Dallas restaurant questions.

And if you're sitting there baffled, wondering what the hell a Reddit is, I hear the Chive is lovely this time of year.

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