Best Of Dallas

Best of Dallas Is Here! Best of Dal ... Oh, We Made a Mistake. Dang.

In Dallas, even mythical creatures can find a good time.
In Dallas, even mythical creatures can find a good time. Kathy Tran
It's time again for our annual Best of Dallas issue, the one where we scour the city and survey our readers to bring you the latest word about what's greatest in Big D. It's on stands and online, and as usual, it's chock-full of tips on where to eat, drink, shop and play. We think it's a masterwork.

Say, speaking of masterworks, did you know that some highly skilled pottery makers, Navajo weavers and other artisans deliberately introduce imperfections into their works, to make them unique and to remind viewers that errors are an integral part of life? Makes the work more interesting and valuable. Pretty cool, eh?

In that vein, we'd like to say that the mistake in the print edition of this year's issue was a deliberate act of artistry — Jakes Burgers and Beer was this year's readers' selection for Best Burger, not Off-Site Kitchen, which was our staff pick. We'd like to say that, but we also hope that none of our loyal readers are dumb enough to believe us if we did. Our editor-in-chief got a little off on the copying and pasting and messed that up, not deliberately. He'll be beaten.

Sorry about that, Jakes, but congrats on getting the readers' love yet again. And congrats to all the other winners. If you see any other errors, please let us know. Don't worry about the editor beatings. He kind of likes them.
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Patrick Williams is editor-in-chief of the Dallas Observer.
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