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Coming Next Week: The Top 100 Dallas Restaurants

Get ready, Dallas: Our list of the Top 100 Dallas Restaurants comes out next week.
Get ready, Dallas: Our list of the Top 100 Dallas Restaurants comes out next week. Kathy Tran
For more than a year, we've been quietly working on something big — something 100 times big. And next week, we're ready to show you.

Dallas Observer food critic Brian Reinhart has been compiling a list of the city's 100 best restaurants, the eateries that make Dallas cuisine diverse, thoughtful and worth every damn penny spent on a night out on the town. We are not the first publication to compile such a list — D Magazine's 50 Best Restaurants in Dallas is thoughtfully done and updated several times a year — but this is a first for us. We did a lot of soul-searching in the creation of this epic masterpiece, and Reinhart did a lot (and we do mean a lot) of eating.

Restaurants 1-50 on the list will be ranked, and 51-100 will be listed in alphabetical order. Some big names will make the list, but many of our choices may surprise you. One restaurant on the list has never been written about anywhere, ever. The list isn't limited to Dallas proper; it includes restaurants in suburbs like Farmers Branch, Plano and Frisco, with a surprising number of Top 100 winners in sweet, lovable Carrollton.

The Top 100 Dallas Restaurants is not about snubbing or punishing anyone; it's about celebrating the food that makes this city such a great place to break bread. It's about celebrating serious talent, creativity and the incredible diversity that makes Dallas so much more than just a steakhouse city.

The Top 100 Dallas Restaurants will be published online on Tuesday, Dec. 11, and is the cover story for our Dec. 13 issue. We can't wait to show you what we've been working on.
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