Dallas Police Has Two Teens in Custody After Bold Attack on Restaurant Owner
Kathy Tran

Dallas Police Has Two Teens in Custody After Bold Attack on Restaurant Owner

Last Thursday evening, a teenage male entered Resident Taqueria on Audelia Road, swiped the tip jar off the counter and took off out the door. According to the story on Lake Highlands Advocate, chef Andrew Savoie was in the back at the time, but an employee who witnessed the theft took chase, following the suspect and three others across Walnut Hill Lane and into a nearby apartment complex.

Savoie’s wife, Amy, explained on Nextdoor that her husband then jumped into his car in hopes of retrieving the stolen cash. He spotted the four teens from an alley adjacent to The Trellis at Lake Highlands apartments and asked them for the money back.

At that point, the group of four jumped Savoie, hitting and kicking him, according to Amy Savoie's post. Savoie was able to get away on foot and ran into the median of Walnut Hill Lane in hopes of getting help, or at least visibility from passing cars, thinking they would scare away the group.

However, even more brazen than the theft and initial attack, the group followed Andrew Savoie into the median and continued to attack him, even hitting with him with a cinder block. Drivers stopped and honked in an attempt to break it up.

“The teens fled into the nearby White Rock neighborhood (as confirmed by witnesses who saw them) and hid,” wrote Amy Savoie on Nextdoor. 

Savoie made it out without any serious injuries. The Dallas Police Department collected photo surveillance and video from the scene, as well as fingerprints.

Master Sgt. Warren Mitchell, a DPD spokesman, confirmed two of the teenagers involved were in custody as of Monday afternoon: “Two juvenile suspects are in custody on unrelated charges and will be filed on for an aggravated robbery offense. Detectives are also completing warrants on the two additional juvenile suspects for the robbery offense.”

Juvenile aggravated robbery is a first-degree felony.

Resident Taqueria, 9661 Audelia Road, Suite 112 (Lake Highlands).

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