Dallas' Six Best Half-Price Happy Hours

It's the New Year. Maybe one of your resolutions is to save a little scratch. But just because food is cheap doesn't mean it's good. Here are six spots we think do a good job of offering up the cheap eats, including this year's winner for Best Half-Priced Food. Get more of Dallas' best with our Best Of app, available for the Droid and the iPhone.

All Good Café (pictured above) On Tuesday evenings at our favorite Deep Ellum cafe, you can order two entrées and only pay for the more expensive one. Chicken-fried steak followed up with some chicken-fried chicken for 12 bucks seems like a pretty decent deal.


Vickery Park Both locations of this pub rock out half-priced everything from 4-11 p.m. on Tuesdays. A small meat and potatoes section of the menu is off limits, but appetizers, sandwiches, pizzas and more are go for gluttony. Vickery makes a pretty good burger, and it's a steal at $4.50


Stoneleigh P The ol' pharmacy offers half-priced appetizers Monday through Friday from 4 to 7 p.m. -- a perfect excuse to order up some of my favorite nachos, which don't photograph well but taste good. Not to mention that this is one of Dallas' better bars.


The Quarter Bar On Wednesdays from 5 to 10 p.m., the bar menu prepared at Breadwinners and served at the Quarter Bar is half off. Pork sliders, pork tacos and pizzas, along with other standard bar eats, are all up for grabs


Anvil Pub I like Anvil Pub for two reasons: Their bar food is solid, and they don't dick you around. From 4 p.m. till midnight on Tuesdays the whole menu is half off, with no exceptions. Get one of those crazy roulette pizzas or a pretty decent Reuben. It's all up for grabs.


The Libertine Bar Everything but the cheese plate will tax your wallet half as hard on Tuesdays at the Libertine. It might be a good time to check out their food if you haven't in a while. Rosanne Dileo has returned to replace Taylor McCreary (who has moved to Prime Bar) as chef.

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