Dallas' Southern Recipes Sends Truckloads of Pork Rinds to Alabama Tornado Victims

Dallas-based Southern Recipe, the world's largest manufacturer of pork rinds, has donated $10,000 of their pork rinds to The Today Show's Lend a Hand Tour benefiting tornado victims in Birmingham, Alabama.

We're not sure if the first thought on the Alabamans' minds was, "What I wouldn't give for some pork rinds right now." But it's the thought that counts, right? And c'mon-- the sight of a giant truck full of thousands of bags of pork rinds had to have been pretty great.

According to the release, "Southern Recipe is sending volunteers to help with the secret pork rind delivery as a surprise to the Alabama Soup Kitchen to aid the tornado disaster relief."

How does one become a Secret Pork Rind Delivery Operative? Do you start off as a Secret Pork Rind Delivery Gumshoe? Are there pork-rindy Mission:Impossible cable drops involved? We can only hope.

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