DEBC Turns 1, and We Have Four Tickets to Giveaway for the Party

DEBC Turns 1, and We Have Four Tickets to Giveaway for the Party

For all you hopheads and general revelers looking for something to celebrate, if you have the wit, we have a deal for you.

This weekend the Deep Ellum Brewing Co. is having its first birthday party, which we know you're all like "Oh, that guy is always throwing himself parties." Well, when you're a brewery you can be that guy, particularly if you have a cool courtyard and free beer samples.

So, we go our hands on four tickets for the party and want to share them with you. We'll give away one pair each to the two people who come up with the wittiest name for DEBC's next beer. Just fire away in the comments.

And who knows, DEBC may (but honestly probably won't) give serious consideration to your submission. Then you could throw your own party for the beer you named.

The first two entries that make us laugh, in a spontaneously and outwardly loud manner that other people can hear (see how I refuse to use "LOL"), win. Two tickets to two winners, so four tickets in all. Right? OK. Go.

The party is at the DEBC brewery at 2823 St. Louis Street, this Saturday, November 17 from noon to 3 p.m.

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