DEBC's GOURDzilla Pumpkin Beer To Be Launched at Craft & Growler Right Now

Deep Ellum Brewing Company, fresh off some controversy over their marketing tactics, has fallen back to two ideas we can all get on board with -- gigantic dinosaurs who terrorize Japanese cities, and pumpkins. They even have a mascot for the special occasion. Ironically, Godzilla does not go down easily, as generations of oversized moths and robots can confirm.

Their new beer, a pumpkin English-style ale called GOURDzilla (the caps are to make sure you get the joke), launches this afternoon at Craft & Growler, from 2 p.m. onwards. Go after 5 p.m., and you even get to keep your glass.

So in demand is this new beer supposed to be (because pumpkins, goddammit), that there will be spillover pourings just down the road at Meridian Room and Pizza Lounge. Even better, the State Fair is over, which means no more people waving flags at you trying to force you to park in unlikely spots for amounts that vary by how fancy your car is. The beer is 7.5 percent ABV though, so make sure someone can pick you up once you've collected enough glasses to stock your cupboards.

Keep the glass night at the Libertine, I've discovered, is actually a legitimate way to obtain copious amounts of glassware. So glass-happy are they that you can really feel like you're doing something for the family at the same time as getting absolutely smashed, and how often does that happen? Your family -- drink GOURDzilla for them.

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Gavin Cleaver
Contact: Gavin Cleaver