Lou Delaney, Jeff Brightwell and John Williams are bringing a new bar to Deep Ellum
Lou Delaney, Jeff Brightwell and John Williams are bringing a new bar to Deep Ellum
Brian Doore

Deep Ellum to Receive a New Bar and Restaurant from Denton

Dallas has offered many bars and restaurants to her suburbs, but it's rare to hear about the outliers pushing their way in. Dot's Hop House & Cocktail Courtyard will accomplish just that when the bar and restaurant created by Denton residents opens in Deep Ellum next year. The mouthful of a name (I'm sticking with Dot's) is the work of partners Lou Delaney, John Williams, Paul Williams and Jeff Brightwell, owners of Lucky Lou’s, EastSide Denton and Oak Street Draft House & Cocktail Parlor.

Dot's will be a sizable undertaking. Located on 2645 Commerce St. (the former Dallas Comedy House) the bar and restaurant will be accessible from both Commerce and Main streets. Dot's will offer craft beer served in a 10,000-square-foot beer garden.

Rodman Shields, who leads the kitchen at The Common Table, will take care of the menu design. Shields promises American food with a Texas flare, which probably means you'll be able to get a burger among other chili-tainted things when you visit.

The only issue is how long we'll have to wait. The team has signed a lease on the space, and is working on the permitting process that has pushed opening dates out by months at a time. They're hoping to begin construction in the next 60 days.

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