Denton's GreenHouse Offering Beautifully Boozy Snow Cones

As somewhat of an unsolicited fusion between Lauren's fabulous list of Dallas' best snow cones and Brian's DC9 discourse on Denton's own Baptist Generals revival, I present to you the most rewarding part of being a Dentonite in the summer: GreenHouse's crafty offering of adult snow cones.

Denton's GreenHouse (600 N. Locust St.) is a celebrated institution where local musicians and UNT's brilliant music students and instructors can showcase their unparalleled talent on Monday nights, supported by friendly and inexplicably cheerful locals not quite drunk on $1 Shiner drafts. Far from Dallas' urban core as it may be, Denton has a sort of mysticism understood only by those who have repeatedly purchased its cheap booze and walked its dangerously uneven sidewalks.

Although a little north of typical snow cone prices, six-ish bucks for an artfully crafted break from the inevitable and oppressive heat is a small price to pay. GreenHouse also has righteous air conditioning inside and a beautiful bar of rich mahogany. If you're freakishly heat-resistant, the quasi-new patio is surrounded by mature trees, minimizing your risk of bird poop on the shoulder.

Here is their glorious list of twisty summertime classics:

Desert Pear: ?Chilled desert pear and Grey Goose Pear Vodka

Raspberry Mint Margarita: ?Icy habanero lime, cassis and fresh mint with Kah Tequila

Southern Peach: ?Shivering white peach, Phillips Union Vanilla Bourbon and splash of cream

Fresh Cut Lemon: ?Frigid lemongrass with Ketel One Citron and fresh lemon

Colorado Peak?: Cool as the white peaks of Colorado with Monopolowa Vodka, Kahlua, cola and splash of cream?

Texas Picnic: ?Frosty watermelon and sour apple with Texas-made Waterloo Gin.?

Should you find yourself up north for any one of Little D's numerous summer shows, do yourself a favor and stop by the Greenhouse for one of these (the Southern Peach in particular) beauties, and soak up a little jazz while you're at it.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.