Denton's Not So Mean Green

What kind of food do people usually associate with a college town? Fast food joints and rundown bars serving cheap beer and gooey, greasy cheese fries--also cheap--come to mind.

But in their late teens, some of the Baby Boom generation turned to granola. And the current round of college age Americans have returned to healthier staples--as long as recycling is involved.

Spanning these two eras, Denton's the Cupboard is an organic grocery store, cafe and institution. Projecting an earthy feel with its recycled handbags, and homemade salsa, the place has been serving natural and organic products for over forty years. 

The grocery store offers 100 percent organic fruits and vegetables, Hansen's natural soda, gluten free beer--yes, you read that right. They even sell ale mixed with natural chocolate flavoring. Shoppers can enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner at the café that directly branches out from the market, which serves; you guessed it, all organic and natural sandwiches and soups.

But there's more. Seriously, who knew a food market would offer on-site massages all throughout the day. Oh, and they stock Himalayan salt lamps. This glowing rock like fixture is apparently supposed to ease all asthma and allergy symptoms.

Not sure which era originally bought into cure-all glowing rocks. The Hippies? New Agers? Probably not Gen X (curing illness required too much work).

Customers can also purchase chlorine free maxi pads and empty gelatin capsules, you know, just in case they prefer to make their own remedies rather than by the brand stuff. Maybe college binge drinkers could trade in their Budweiser for gluten free beer.

For more information on the cupboard and its store and cafe hours visit

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Carli Baylor

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