Designed To Shell

Around my house, when it comes to lubricating the gears of love, I'm more inclined to reach for a 12-pack of Coors light--for her, not me--than shuck open a bucket of oysters. Those of you who are traditionalists (and have some class), however, might be more interested in the aphrodisiacal qualities of bivalves this coming Valentine's Day.

Well, here's some good news for you, lover: Robb Walsh, food critic at the Observer's sister paper, the Houston Press, will be at the Barnes and Noble at 5301 Belt Line Road at 1 p.m. Saturday to sign his new book, Sex, Death and Oysters. The book is "a helpful, amusing, no-nonsense oyster manual for the layperson," according to Kirkus Reviews.

Heh, heh. They said "layperson."

Cheesy double entendre aside, we love Robb's bookwritin' around here--so much so that we'll be publishing a feature story based on his research for the book in our February 12 issue, just in time for everyone to stock up on shellfish for the big Weekend of Love. And beer.

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