Desserts Are a Stunning Grand Finale at Stephan Pyles' Flora Street Cafe

Dining at Flora Street Cafe is a symphony, an echo of its Arts District digs. The first movement, showcasing inventive starters, begins lively and vibrant. Dessert is a finale that crescendos into exhilarating hues and triumphant flavors. In between, composition tends to overshadow flavors, but such is art — open to interpretation.

Go for the finale. Pastry chef Ricardo Sanchez's beautifully crafted desserts promise to add an impressive finish to your night. The hibiscus sorbet, adorned with crunchy cassis mini meringues, hits a bright, citrus note. Alternatively, the fleur de sel chocolate mousse, topped with Parmesan "snow" playful as a pizzicato, booms with low, rich tones. 

At the end of the meal, selections from a custom-built box of Dude, Sweet chocolates — made just for Flora Street Cafe — are offered to guests, gratis, and the fun creations in flavors like foie gras are a playful note to end the night upon.

Silky artworks float from the ceiling and drape the walls, adding to airy ambiance of the glass-enclosed cafe. Just as the space demands, dessert here is a thing of beauty.

Flora Street Cafe, 2330 Flora St.

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