Dickey's and Dr Pepper Here, There, Everywhere

Texans will all remember this year in food news, as it marked three special occasions (so far). First, D Magazine's announcement that west-coast based In-N-Out Burger will grace us with a Garland location. Secondly, as Unfair Park reported via QSR Magazine this morning, the shotgun-like expansion of Dickey's across the nation will begin.

That's right, starting 2012, you'll be able to eat Dickey's coast to coast. Not sure if we can speak to the strange feeling of stepping foot into a Dickey's BBQ joint right off the Malibu coast, but it sure makes us think our BBQ baby's all growed up.

Speaking of the future of food, it looks like Dr Pepper and Coke are merging together for a distribution deal of epic proportions. So, in case you were wondering what that third occasion mentioned above was: it is, in fact, that moment us Texans will be able to both sip Dr Pepper and devour Dickey's in multiple cities throughout America. If we start seeing Longhorns in Minnesota...that Mayan calendar rumor might be true.

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