Did He Just Say He Butchers Animals in Hotel Bathrooms?

OK, did any of you just hear that? Kris Boyd, host of Think on NPR, just had hunter, writer and host of MeatEater on the Sportsman Channel, Steven Rinella, on her show during the 1 o'clock hour to discuss his new book Meat Eater: Adventures from the Life of an American Hunter.

I didn't catch the entire interview, but I did hear the segment in which Rinella described, in not too much detail but enough, how he travels, hunts and processes his meat.

He starts by breaking down his hunted game (say, deer or javelina) into quarters while out in the field, then back at the hotel, he finishes processing the game by using the hotel bathtub and by laying plastic on the bathroom floor.

Conveniently, hotels also have a lot of ice. So, he packs it down. And I think I heard him say that sometimes he hides the packages of game meat in the hotel ice machine (but, I'm not positive). But, I know I heard him say the only problem he's ever had is when he lost two American eels.

(Where?! C'mon, Kris! He lost two processed eels. You didn't ask him where!? Please, we all need to know.)

Granted, all of this meat is for his for his personal consumption. He's not selling it on the street corner or anything. But, it's not the meat I'm really worried about.

He processes animals in hotel bathrooms and bathtubs!

Do you think he hangs the "Do Not Disturb" sign?

I'm being totally open minded. Is this OK?


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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.