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DiDi's Tamale Diner Is Now Serving Tamales in Trinity Groves, with Mezcal to Wash Them Down

DiDi's Tamale Diner, a casual tamale and tequila joint, opened its doors in Trinity Groves last week. DiDi's Tamale Diner was originally opened in Mesquite in 2011, earning rave reviews from local diners who have sorely missed the spot since it closed for the relocation to Dallas. From all accounts, the rave reviews are for good reason -- the tamales are freshly made, the ingredients top-quality. Owner Andina Fernandez has been twisting them up for the last 20 years, and we all know that tequila makes everything taste just a little better.

Alongside tequila, a selection of white-hot trendy Mexican mezcal will be a prominent feature of DiDi's Tamale Bar. Thanks to its smooth, smoky qualities, mezcal is the perfect accompaniment for a few spicy tamales or a torta the size of your head. If you're too big of a wimp to take down shots of mezcal, there's also a full bar for lames to order their boring beers and vodka sodas.

Fernandez's cuisine is largely influenced by Central American and Mexican flavors, both of which are prominent on her menu. Notably, DiDi's will serve tamales wrapped in both of the region's two traditional tamale vessels, banana leaves and corn husks. The banana leaf tamales are the more adventurous options on the menu, featuring fillings like Guatemalan chuchito and funky huitlacoche (also known as corn smut) and mushrooms, but there are plenty of more recognizable options for the more risk averse among us.

There are also plenty of other, non-masa encased options, like Fernandez's take on Mexico's favorite sandwich, the torta. The menu also features a delicious-sounding, magical creation called a "tamale Frito pie," which can really only mean good things when you think about the ingredients that are going into make that. Masa + meat + corn chips = yes. Best of all, if you're really into the tamales, you can take a dozen home for less than $20.

DiDi's Tamale Diner will also serve an interesting selection of dessert tamales, filled with delicious ingredients like guava and Nutella, alongside housemade paletas, Mexican coffee, and aguas frescas that will all immediately cure your sweet tooth separately, or induce diabetes when all consumed together. Fortunately, there's all that tequila to wash it all down.

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