DiGiorno Pizza & Cookies Coming to a Store Near You

According to DiGiorno's Official Facebook page, the frozen pizza chain is about to launch new, yep-these-are-real products: Pizza & Cookies and Pizza & Boneless "Wyngz*." Fascinating! It's a good thing they went with the mind-blowing, alternate spelling of wings, as they want to avoid customer confusion due to the wyngz containing "no wing meat." Hopefully, they don't have to  use much anti-dusting agent.

So, your Super Bowl is officially catered. But why stop there, DiGiorno--there are thousands of products you could create! After the jump, check out a few of our ideas:

Pizza & Franzia
Add a screening of Wizard of Oz synced up with Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon," and call it a night out.

Pizza & Sandvitch
You'll no longer have to answer life's eternal question, "pizza or sandwich?" For those concerned with health, these "sandvitches" contain 50 percent real ingredients. The remaining ingredients are cultivated scraps off the DiGiorno's Lab Microwave door.

Pizza & Ribs*
Using breakthrough infra-red technology, DiGiorno can smoke and vacuum seal your ribs in seconds! *Included: 1-2 Ribs.

Pizza & Coupon for Pizza
Inside the box, you'll find a limited-time only coupon for $1 off another pizza! If you're using it online, make sure you type in product code XLHYONH1777-THISISSTUPID.

Pizza & Package o' Bacon*
You'll never need to go to the meat aisle again. *Bacon not made of bacon.

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Nick Rallo
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