Dine in Complete and Total Darkness When the Blind Cafe Pop-Up Dinner Comes to Dallas

A very particular kind of pop-up dinner is coming to Dallas June 16-18 — one where diners will eat a vegetarian meal together in a pitch-black room. 

The Blind Cafe is a "positive social change organization that uses the concept of darkness to create innovative and imaginative (pop-up) events held entirely in the pitch dark (no blindfolds)," according to the organization's website. "Our events are facilitated by professional, trained legally blind staff and designed to change the way you 'see' the world." The event also includes a concert and Q&A with waitstaff after the meal. According to the website, the dinner — first held in Boulder in 2010 and now happening in cities across the U.S. — will feature a local chef, though there's no word just yet on who that may be.

Diners will sit at communal tables and for two hours be immersed completely in darkness — no cell phones, no candles, nada. The idea is to experience the meal using senses other than sight — and to get an idea of what it's like to move through the world when all you see is darkness.

The Dallas Blind Cafe, 6 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. dinners June 16-18, Atlantis Business Center, 1321 Valwood Pkwy. Tickets start at $85.

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