Don't drop your fried yard bird.
Don't drop your fried yard bird.

Discarded Chicken Leads to Murder Arrest

According to a story published in The Dallas Morning News, Keith Edwards was arrested on Monday in connection with a fatal stabbing which occurred last week on a DART Green Line train.

Video captured the crime but it was the incredible sleuthing of a detective assigned to the case that lead police to the alleged attacker.

The un-named detective found fried chicken left on the train and "recognized this fried chicken as being from Henderson's Chicken due to the texture and coating." Police then interviewed the owner of Henderson's who recognized the man and an arrest was made shortly after.

Considering this detective is able to distinguish half eaten fried chicken at the scene of a crime from the scores of southern and soul food restaurants selling similar food all over Dallas I'd say that un-named detective has a pretty discerning palate.

Anyone know who the guy is? CoA is looking for more bloggers.

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