Do You Ever Give Good-Faith Tips?

After living in a well-established neighborhood for many years, we made the decision a few years ago to move to a newly developed addition in the suburbs. We love our new home, but as always, a new set of challenges has emerged. Most notably, getting food delivered in a timely fashion. Most restaurants have done a very good job; after one trip, they can usually find our place very quickly the next time, but I still receive frantic calls on occasion from drivers and am forced to step into the street to help direct them here.

Usually , I have no problem with doing this once or twice, but after a few times if a driver still cannot find his way to our home, I feel it's an issue. Many customers would penalize the offending company and short the driver's tip, but I feel a call to the restaurant involved and speaking with the manager is a better method. Maybe it's not the driver's fault, as he might have been given bad directions.

So, today's burning question is this: Would you still give the driver a tip in this situation?


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