Dole's Quasi-Food Truck Is Stoppin' in Dallas

Dole calls it a food truck.

I call it a big bus that hands out free fruit cups.

Regardless of what "it" is, "it" is for a good, charitable cause!

Dole, the largest producer of fruits and vegetables in the world, is melon-balls deep into a 12-city tour in which they're passing out free fruit cups (with all natural fruit in 100 percent juice!) to any and all interested folks.

The quasi-food truck will be setting up shop Tuesday and Wednesday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. at Main Street and Saint Paul. The food truck, which again, is by all accounts a massive bus, comes complete with a shaded canopy and photo kiosk, just in case you wanna set your new profile picture to a photo of you, curbside, enjoying a cup of tropical mixed fruit.

For each person who visits the bus and indulges in, say, some mandarin oranges, pineapple or diced peaches, Dole will donate one fruit cup to a local charity. In Dallas' case, the North Texas Food Bank and the Tarrant Area Food Bank will reap the fruity benefits of Dole's visit. An additional cup will be donated to charity for every Facebook "check in" on-site. Ultimately, Dole hopes to donate 250,000 fruit cups by the end of their tour.

Best of luck, Dole. Hope your Dallas visit is nice and fruitful.

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