Domino's Japan Has a $50 Pizza

Domino's recent trend of gourmet-ing the shit out of their food jumped to new heights recently.

Introducing, from the company's Japanese chain (via Eater), the Prestige Quattro, which is not a sequel to the Hugh Jackman film. This is the $50 (¥3,900) unbelievably fancy pizza that features four sides of gourmetspolsion: snow crab in white sauce seasoned with truffles, Mangalitsa pork (which Japan Domino's notes is Hungary's "edible national treasure), and [drumroll] fresh mozzarella and tomato.

Imagine dumping three gourmet meals and a lot of tomatoes on top of a Domino's cheese pizza and you get the idea. Notably, Japanese Domino's is also offering the Quattro Meat the World, which has Iberico pork. America better step it up if it wants to compete: Japan McDonald's has already kicked open the door to 2012 with the Grand Canyon Burger.

Also, hey, why don't we have an noted "edible national treasure"? Baconham Lincoln anyone?

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