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Don't Blink...

Dallas restaurant publications come and go with the regularity of...well, regularity. Dining Book, Dallas Food & Wine Journal, Vine Dallas--there are probably others. Wait a minute; didn't The Dallas Morning News once have a quarterly insert magazine called Wine & Food that disappeared really Quick? See how fast the go part of this regularity is? "Hopefully this is not the case with this one," says Michele Potter, co-publisher of Dining Out, The Great Restaurants of Dallas/Fort Worth. Dining Out is a slick glossy with lots of four-color photos and a restaurant directory that includes descriptions, photos and sample menus. Splashy features, too. One is a profile of Del Frisco's Dee Lincoln titled "Queen of Steak" complete with a genuine Dale Wamstad quote (wish we could get those). A full-page Del Frisco's ad appears two pages before the start of the article. Wonder how that happened? But what Dining Out has that is truly great is an index organized by category (bar scene, smoking section, "exceptional on-tap beer list," etc.), cuisine and region. Published by Denver-based Pearl Publishing Media Group with local (Grapevine) publishers Robert and Michele Potter and Scott Hogan, Dining Out guides are published in eight other cities including Toronto, San Diego, Philadelphia, Miami and Chicago. Potter says circulation for the thrice-yearly mag hovers around 50,000 through hotels, restaurants, doctor's and dentist's offices, high-end car dealerships and Realtors. It will also be for sale at Barnes & Noble, B. Dalton and possibly Tom Thumb.

Mike's Treehouse on Greenville Avenue (next to the Granada Theater) is closed. Little Havana, a Cuban splurge, is burrowing in, according to the Treehouse phone message. Mike's Treehouse was developed by Mike DeMarco, a longtime Dallas bartender who has poured at the Green Room and The Bone, among other places... Texana Grill on Midway Road in Addison has also nodded off. Lapsed lease payments are the cause, according to a note on the door that says something about changed locks. Restaurateur Gilbert Cuellar Jr. (of El Chico fame) opened the original Texana Grill in Arlington before selling it last year and heading to Addison... Drink this: Skewis wines, plumbed from California's Anderson and Russian River valleys, produces some of the most luscious American pinots you're likely to lip. They emanate from a handful of vineyards with names like Montgomery, Demuth and Bush with flavors that range from vibrant and delicate to lushly extracted and broad. Each is beautifully complex and intriguing. Prices for these limited-production wines range from $35 to $45 with half-bottle samplers available. Order at
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