Double Meat, Double Cheese, Double Duped

I'll admit it. I'm a burger snob. I LOVE when a fancy steakhouse serves up blissful beef on a house-baked bun, with gorgeous fries and interesting, scratch-made condiments. Not that I always want to shell out a Jackson for true bovinity -- humble burgers are great too. But I get a little giddy when I encounter a true steak-house masterpiece.

Del Frisco's Grille is the subject of this week's review, and I'm sad to say their Prime Cheeseburger is not a masterpiece, though it certainly has some appeal. With better execution they'd have a show stopper for sure. Thin patties cook in a hurry, though, and just as I expected, the meat in this burger was woefully overdone.

Many humble burger stands around Dallas do a much better job (they also charge a lot less), and that's really where burgers like this one belong. Double-meat-double-cheeseburgers are the kind of burger you produce when you're not focused on the quality of the meat you're using, and they seem completely out of place on a menu beside a $39 rib-eye.

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