Dreaming of Owning Your Own Coffee Shop? There's a New Space on Ross Avenue

Richard Allen had the whole deal wrapped up in a bow. The owner of the building on the corner of Ross and Hall Street already has a furniture store and Joyce and Gigi's occupying two of the three spots. A coffee shop would round out the building nicely, capitalizing on the adjacent parking lot that is primarily used in the evenings. He even had a tenant ready to run the thing. Then their financing fell though.

While he would still prefer to turn the space over to an expert, Allen says he'll run the coffee shop himself if he has to. The location is too good in his opinion. "Ross is the new Knox Henderson," he says. "I'm really looking for a neighborhood sort of space," he adds, noting Joyce and Gigi's has a distinct neighborhood pull.

Allen plans to finish the build-out and then hopes someone with expertise will bring the right equipment and set up shop. He'd like a small food component as well and is hoping this coffee shop will keep the building humming in the morning and afternoon hours before Joyce and Gigi's takes over in the evening.

That's where you come in. Obviously you've been fantasizing about opening your own coffee shop and you've been waiting for that perfect space. Allen hopes the construction will be done in four to six weeks. Trust me, the hood could use some more coffee and you can go enjoy one of Pablo's caipirinhas at Joyce and Gigi's when you get done pulling java.

You can email Allen here.

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