Drink in the horrible, awful hot.
Drink in the horrible, awful hot.

Drought Drunk: The Bitching-About-Texas-Weather Drinking Game

It's hot. People won't shut up about it. We're not quite sure why you people are cheering for the stupid hot to continue (we're looking at you, @CBS11Larry). Rather than get annoyed, here at City of Ate we think it's about damned time we made this shitty streak of unthunderstorms into a drinking game. There. Now everyone's happy.

Go out there (if you're not elderly or a tiny baby or a dog or a cat) and enjoy yourself a good game or two of Drought Drunk this afternoon. 

How to play Drought Drunk

Here's the general concept:

At any point in your day, if you hear people talking about the weather, you drink. You hear someone say, "Ugh! I'm soooo sweaty!" Drink.

More rules (including what to do when you see a seven-day forecast photo) after the jump.

"It's 106! When's it gonna rain???" Drink twice.
(Once for the current temperature update, once for the bitching about lack of rain.)

Anything involving how someone's pets or kids are reacting to this weather gets two drinks.

"I can't even run the dog outside anymore!" "It's so hot, that playground slide almost burned Pepsi's onesie off!" 

And finally...
If you should happen upon a photo of a seven-day forecast or a car thermometer posted by a friend on Facebook or Twitter, it's time to chug.

When it's this hot (drink), it's important to stay hydrated! So choose booze, lemonade or water -- just make sure your dad isn't your designated because his nonstop weathering could get you water hammered.

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