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Dublin Bottling Works is Back Online for the Retro Soda Fan on Your Shopping List

If your mouth waters a little when you see one of those "I'm A Pepper" shirts, then you undoubtedly recall last summer when Plano-based Dr Pepper Snapple Group decided to sue Dublin Bottling Works, the then-sole maker of the original-formula Imperial Cane Sugar Dr Pepper. Papa Bear said Baby Bear was violating terms of a licensing agreement. Supposedly. As a result, in January they reached a settlement agreement and Dublin agreed to no longer produce the nostalgic elixir.

During the fracas, Dr Pepper Snapple required Dublin Soda, which is owned by the Kloster family, to pull its entire website because it had "Dr Pepper" stamped all over it. As if losing the flagship drink didn't hurt enough, that move also caused the company to lose a good source of revenue.

"During the holiday season, we would typically sell around 150 cases a day," said Jeff Kloster with Dublin Bottling Works, whose father originally started working at bottling plant when he was 14 years old, making 10 cents an hour to sort bottles.

"We're a small company," said Kloster. "We don't have an Internet department or a full-time designer on staff. It took us a while to get those created. But, we're really happy to have it going again. "

On Tuesday week, the Dublin Bottling Works website started taking online orders. Just in time for the holidays, retro soda fans everywhere can purchase bottles by the case with a few clicks.

"We didn't fold up our tent and go home, we're rocking and rolling," said Kloster, who effuses a firebrand spirit when he talks about his family business.

Kloster mentioned that their gift buckets have historically been popular during the holidays, and those are available. You can also buy cases of the Imperial Cane Sugar soda by calling 888-398-1024.

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