#DuckFallas Says The Angry Burger Man in Houston. And if You Don't Like it, BRING IT!

Eater Dallas posted a fascinating story of what happens when a highly irate burger guy uses Twitter to release his anger. He really should try a different method, like what we used to tell my coach in high school, "In with the good air [inhale], out the bad air [exhale]."

So, a writer for a national food blog, Ewan Macdonald, who resides in Big D, apparently went to a burger place in Houston called Hubcap Grill and later wrote in his Serious Eats blog that he just wasn't too crazy about the fare. He liked the house-made buns, but overall left "distinctly underwhelmed."

What's funny is that in the comment section under the blog, about three entries down, there's this from NickS:

"... Bonus points that the best BBQ in Houston, Gatlins, is a few doors down! 

That said....Ricky Craig is quite the outspoken individual...so que Ricky comming 'Unglued" in... 3... 2...1..."

Good call NickS! Who you got in the fifth race at Aquedcut this weekend?

Shortly thereafter, Hubcap owner Ricky Craig did, in fact, come completely unglued. He fired off a litany of ALL CAPS, Duck Fallas, "I'll be here if you're lookin for me" tweets. Eater has most of the footage here (they skipped some for "brevity").

From the highlight reel is "Coming soon #DuckFallas party with CRAWFISH BOIL, beer, n live band. please RT"

Skipping to the end of the tirade ... "If anyone wanna talk smack to me I'll be at 19th all day tomorrow. 7am - 10pm BRING IT ASSHOLES."

In with good air ...

If we get the low-down on the party specifics, we'll pass them along. It is mudbug season, after all.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.