Dude Food: Farewell 2008

Six weeks of things fried and greasy, slopped in barbecue sauce or glopped from a buffet tub--damn it's been great.


This year was a short one, considering we started City of Ate less than two months ago. The Dude Food dudes return to action January 6, 2009, diving weekly into the pit of Dallas' dining scene. We end 2008 with a quick look back at our best, worst (and whatever ended up in between):

1. Cousin's: 9 "Andrew Jackson" (on a scale of 1 "Dubya" to 10 "Teddy Roosevelt")

2. Alley Oops: 9 "Willie Nelson" (on a scale of 1 "Woody Allen" to 10 "Seth Rogen")

3. Roma Express: 8 "Tony Bennett" (on a scale of 1 "Mario Cantone" to 10 "Frank Sinatra")

4. Grimaldi's: 6 "Anne Heche" (on a scale of 1 "Ally Sheedy" to 10 "Courtney Love"--the female theme due to an encounter with a disturbed and disturbing waitress)

5. Stoneleigh P: 6 "John Grisham" (on a scale of 1 "Nicholas Sparks" to 10 "James Ellroy")

6. Furr's: 2 "Bea Arthur" (on a scale of 1 "Charles Nelson Reilly" to 10 "Wilford Brimley")

See you next year
--City of Ate staff

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