Dude Food Goes Organic, But At Least It's With a Friggin' Burger

Burger Spot
9090 Skillman St.

Dude Factor: 8, or the G-Spot, on a scale of 1 (liver spots) to 10 (Spot)

Burger Spot is tucked into a strip mall way up near LBJ, not far from another, well-established burger joint, the highly Dude Food-rated JG's. But while JG's is decidedly old school, Burger Spot is a more modern take on the burger joint. They're not messing with the formula too much, but there's definitely a little more thought put into the menu, from the four types of fries (original, Flaming Cajun, Purple Potato and sweet potato ) to the burgers themselves, which are local and/or organic, or something. Maybe grass-fed? (Don't all cows eat grass though? Maybe they'd taste better if we let them eat something a little more flavorful than fucking grass, but hey, that's just a theory.) Anyway, I can't keep up with all that shit anymore without some kind of Audubon Guide to North American Burgers to consult, so you'll just have to set me straight in the comments.

The Spot puts out free popcorn for you to gnaw on while you're waiting, which is pretty cool I guess, but also pretty strange. If popcorn and burgers were really meant to occupy the same belly space I think we would have seen the AMC concession stand serving them long ago--after all, they could charge, like, 20 bucks for something like that. But it's the thought that counts, right?

The Burger Sport has 13 different burger combinations on the menu, including a green chili cheeseburger and an Alamo burger with refired beans, Fritos, cheddar cheese, onions and salsa. We've had basic cheeseburgers on our two visits, and haven't been disappointed--they aren't destination burgers (think Wingfield's or Angry Dog), but if you're in that neck of the woods, you'll definitely dig 'em. The toppings are exceedingly fresh, and the buns are great, too, something you'd expect considering Burger Spot is brought to you by the same family that once owned Celebrity Cafe & Bakery.

There's no beer, unfortunately, but in this case it might be a good thing--if you sit too long here, then you're taking up valuable real estate for someone who could be diving into a  burger. It's not a big place and tables can be scarce at peak hours.

You can find the Burger Spot on Facebook and Twitter, too, so if you're counting your couch change, wait for one of their daily specials to pop up in your feed and head on over. Or if you're really desperate, just tag along with a friend, say you're not hungry, and proceed to gorge yourself on free popcorn.   


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Noah W. Bailey
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