Dude, Sweet's Flaming Lips Chocolate Hearts Sell Out in a Heartbeat

I'm sorry. It's an obnoxious headline. I'm really ashamed of it. But it tells the story, it really does.

The Flaming Lips commissioned a hundred anatomically correct chocolate hearts from Dude, Sweet Chocolate, as part of a promotional package. The special box featured a USB drive containing 15 of the band's tracks. The Denver Westword's Backbeat blog has a post featuring the heart and an interview with creator Katherine Clapner.

The hearts were sold online through Dwelling Spaces, but they're long gone. That's why its so good to be a Dallasite -- you can still get them at Clapner's store in Oak Cliff.

Check out her interview with the Westword here (crazy Clapner had to drive all of them to OKC herself), and if you're inclined to buy a creepy gift for your zombie loved ones give Dude Sweet a call, soon.

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Scott Reitz
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