Soon, you could be eating this delicious sandwich in Uptown.
Soon, you could be eating this delicious sandwich in Uptown.
Lori Bandi

East Hampton Sandwich Is Moving into Uptown

You can only have the same sandwich from Subway or Jimmy John's so many times, and it's occasionally good to enjoy a lunch that doesn't involve processed deli meat. Enter East Hampton Sandwich Company, the upscale sandwich chain that started in the Park Cities has been popping up all over the Metroplex.

After opening locations in Dallas, Fort Worth and Plano, East Hampton CEO Hunter Pond has plans to expand the concept he launched in 2012 into Uptown this summer. When we sat down with Pond a few months ago, he made no bones about the fact that he's planning on taking over the Dallas sandwich scene with his fancy and delicious sandwiches. With this move to Uptown's Turtle Creek Village, a prime piece of restaurant real estate, the future can only get brighter for this enterprising sandwich visionary.

The kind of upscale, accessible sandwiches that East Hampton Sandwich Co. serves up -- like lobster rolls and fried chicken sandwiches and cubanos -- are perfect for the Uptown lunch crowd. It's swanky enough to have a business meeting or client lunch, but also quick enough to have you in and out in 30. The location, planned at the intersection of Oak Lawn and Blackburn, is also perfect for the one billion office buildings located nearby.

The only thing that could have improved the newest location would have been the addition of a full bar. East Hampton already serves wine, beer and sangria, but an interesting craft cocktail program could help turn this concept into a trendy place for dinner. According to Pond, though, the University Park location is already a dinner destination for young families, so maybe he doesn't want a restaurant full of drunks screwing up the kid-friendly vibe. Either way, it would be great to be able to enjoy a glass of bourbon with your fried chicken sandwich.

The new East Hampton Sandwich Co. won't open until June, which means that you'll have to make the drive to University Park or Plano in the meantime. But trust us -- those lobster rolls are worth the wait.

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