Eat This

Eat This: NHS Tavern's Cleaver & Block Burger

This burger's been my albatross. I had it just a few nights after arriving in Dallas, and I've been searching for a better burger ever since. I'm not finding one. I'm not saying NHS serves the best burger in the metroplex (yes, there's an app for that), but it's definitely the best burger I've had since I got here. The menu says the blend contains brisket and chuck, but what it doesn't tell you is that the meat is ground in house. It should. It makes a difference.

Despite being over-cooked, (I asked for medium but got well-done), this burger retained its succulence. It left a puddle on my plate while I reveled in cheddar cheese, a jar-load of pickles and a thick slather of mayo. That bun, completely crusted over with sesame seeds, it worth a mention too. It's a nice touch.

I am, without a doubt, a burger-meister. I fear the day my doctor tells me it's time to cut back on my ground beef. I'll keep poking around and see if I can find a better rendition, but for now, I think it's safe to say this is one of Dallas' finer specimens. Go eat one. Now.

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Scott Reitz
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