Eater Asked Hypnotic Donuts to Invent a Burger. And There's no Doughnut on It. WHY?!?!

So, Eater Dallas asked Hypnotic Donuts to invent a burger that they'd serve for Eater's Burger Week. Awesome. The photo above is a picture of the burger that Hypnotic invented. Here's a description of it, straight from Eater:

Hypnotic Donuts: The 'Minimum Wage' burger is a half-pound patty infused with fresh jalapeños and goat cheese on a housemade poppy seed-bacon bun; it's topped off with bacon, fried pickles, crumbled goat cheese, lettuce, tomato, and an avocado ranch spread. This fine specimen is available Monday through Thursday of this week.

OK, BUT WHERE IS THE DOUGHNUT, HYPNOTIC DONUTS?! Y U REINVENT WHEEL? Just get a burger patty, put a doughnut around it, and call it "Amuhricka." We would all rejoice. I am saddened by this missed opportunity.

Next time, please pretty please go Gourdough's Public House on it. Dallas needs a doughnut burger. Please make it so.

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