Eatzi's Roasted Vegetable Sandwich: A Sando That Doesn't Suck on a Meatless Monday

I think I'm getting into the groove. My first hurdle with meatless Monday was just remembering that today was Monday, and I wasn't supposed to eat meat on Mondays. (What day is it again?) I solved that with a calendar reminder that goes off every Monday morning and says, "It's Meatless Monday, Dipshit."

Now that I don't forget about the pledge I'm spending my time learning how to pick dishes that don't suck. I had a Margherita Pizza from Cane Rosso last week that was good, and today I went to Eatzi's to construct a meatless sandwich that would quell my inner carnivore.

They offer roasted vegetables as a stuffing, and with a basil cream-cheese spread and a slice of provolone it's a pretty satisfying sandwich. Just follow these steps to avoid some pitfalls. Nick Rallo and I has some wildly different sandwich experiences despite ordering the exact same thing.

Don't let the guy behind the counter dice up your veg. They won't stay put and you'll end up with a lap full of ratatouille when you eat. Make sure to go nuts with the toppings, too; you're trying to make a sandwich that really satisfies instead of something that feels like a consolation prize. And finally, make sure they ring it up right. Nick's sandwich stamped "Veg Sandwich" cost him $3.99. Mine, stamped "Regular Sandwich," cost $6.59.


Anyone else giving up meat one day a week? Or we the only morons trying this?

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.