Eau De Pizza Hut is Happening. Plus, the Best and Worst Food Scents.

Dallas-based Pizza Hut made good on what started as a Facebook joke about pizza perfume. The red roofed pizza maker hired a "world renowned aromachologist" to create an elixir that smells like dough topped with vegetables, cheese and meat then put it in a fancy glass spray bottle.

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Last year Pizza Hut tested the scent on Canada, and now it's available globally - sort of. In a move smothered in social-media opportunism, Pizza Hut has directed odor-discerning fans to tweet #LastMinuteLovers @pizzahut. They will then randomly choose 24 people today and tomorrow (February 12 and 13) to receive a package that includes the perfume, plus a $20 Pizza Hut gift card for Big Sliders or a Lovers Pizza.

There are only 1,000 bottles worldwide. Get to Tweeting people.

Top Five Greatest Food Scents 1. Bacon 2. Chocolate chip cookies fresh out of the oven 3. Cinnamon rolls 4. Fresh baked bread 5. Cinnamon bread with bacon and chocolate chips baking in the oven. Bonus: A charcoal grill sizzling meat on nice summer evening. (Except if you're at tennis practice and the grill is 50 yards away. Then, it's torture. Used to happen all the time.)

Top Five Awful Food Scents 1. Anything fried at a gas station 2. Seriously, don't go into a gas station if there are any kind of heat lamps at all. Ever. Even if you're pumping gas and have some spillage, don't walk in there to wash your hands. You could actually combust. 3. Burnt popcorn. How can something that smells so great one second, incinerate your nostrils ten seconds later? We had an old microwave that never turned off and sometimes we'd get distracted and leave it in too long. We'd have to vacate the premises for at least an hour. (When we moved, we just left that microwave.) 4. Boiled rutabaga. Just. Don't. 5. Microwaved fish. A must for lunch if you hate your co-workers. Bonus: Things left in office fridge.

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