Eddie Campbell Gets Booted from Chesterfield While It and Campo Shuffle Chefs

There's drama fit for daytime TV at two notable Dallas restaurants. A few chefs and a notable bartender have been spinning in and out of the front doors at a dizzying rate.

The afternoon my Chesterfield review ran I heard that Michael Ehlert, the chef responsible for the lackluster cooking I'd tasted, had left. I contacted Eddie Campbell to see what happened but he would not return my calls or emails. I even dropped in one evening to talk to the guy in person, but he had little to say.

Now Campbell is out the door, too -- an incident heated by the presence of Dallas Police. He was escorted from the restaurant in the middle of evening service in front of imbibing customers.

The owners of the Chesterfield aren't dishing out details either, though they say Campbell still owns a share of the business.

Meanwhile Ehlert has landed at Campo. The restaurant that consistently praised Josh Black's kitchen abilities obviously didn't hold too much stock in the chef. After Matt McCallister's departure fueled doubts about the execution at the Oak Cliff bistro, they've announced his departure. Ehlert will continue to drive Campo's original seasonal country cooking concept.

There's still no word on where Black landed.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.