Swanky and welcoming: The Clover Club is designed to have an old-Hollywood feel.EXPAND
Swanky and welcoming: The Clover Club is designed to have an old-Hollywood feel.
Louis Rajsich

Eddie Campbell Brings the Big Band to Dallas in the Clover Club

Eddie Campbell, the popular bartender known as “Lucky” to many, is bringing Uptown the Clover Club, a “supper club experience” with big-band music setting the atmosphere at the Cedar Springs Road location.

Brad Woy, Campbell’s business partner, is helping bring the Clover Club to life. The two own Standard Pour across the neighborhood at Allen Street and McKinney Avenue.

This new spot, which quietly opened in late June, has a restaurant (unsurprisingly new American in cuisine), bar, dance floor and live music stage on its main floor (the second floor of the building). The space aims to be reminiscent of a 1960s supper club and is an atmosphere this longtime bar operator has wanted to try for a while.

“My grandparents went on their first date to a club like that, and my grandma used to often talk about her favorite clubs, and it always just sounded like this high-energy, night-out-on-the-town: sitting around little tables, sipping on these sometimes petite cocktails that were kind of boozy, and listening to a big band and people getting up and dancing,” Campbell says.

“I believe that Dallas has been asking for this for a long period of time, and there really isn’t a place for dinner and a show in Dallas.”

Live music will be part of the atmosphere every day the Clover Club is open.EXPAND
Live music will be part of the atmosphere every day the Clover Club is open.
Louis Rajsich

The Clover Club will take one round of dinner reservations per table per evening — Campbell recommends setting the dinner time when the music starts — so people can hang around as long as they want and experience the music.

That stage will have live music five days a week, organized by singer and bandleader Hunter Sullivan, who aims to bring genres including Motown and big band to Uptown. A music component is something Campbell has always considered in his career.

“I’ve always wanted to open a live music venue but also a time period piece, an old-timey music club,” he says. “My very first attempt at owning a bar, I tried to open up a jazz club with a cocktail program. It was my first experience trying to gather partners and go into business, and I could not get it open.”

Today, he has the Clover Club in addition to Standard Pour and Parliament (also on Allen Street). He notes the advantage of having all of the places in the same neighborhood: A day in the life of Lucky Campbell involves waking up earlier than he ever routinely has, then making the rounds for meetings, openings and guests at each location.

The Clover Club is the last opening time of the day, going into the evening with a crowd that’s simply different from those at Standard Pour or Parliament.

“This is a mature club. This is not a 21-year-old’s hangout,” he says. “The decor is old Hollywood. Everything offered, from the wines by the glass to the food selection to the classic cocktails, are all geared toward a more mature audience.

“We feel like Dallas has an infinite number of 21-year-old hangouts and a shortage of places for our friends to go after dinner.”

Braised wagyu short ribEXPAND
Braised wagyu short rib
Louis Rajsich

Of course, plenty of millennials (cough, cough) can swoon over the idea of this scene going on in Uptown.

“We have some guests in their 20s, and they just very much get it,” Campbell says.

As for the new-American menu, chef Anthony Van Camp (previously of Al Biernat’s and Ser) will focus on steak while including plates such as grilled Texas quail, lobster pot stickers, braised wagyu short rib and sea scallops.

Campbell is particularly excited about Wednesday nights, when guests can get a five-course dinner for $35 (a price that indicates they would really like some business earlier in the week, aside from their sold-out weekends.)

There are a few ways to experience Clover Club: Drop in for dinner from 7 to 11 p.m., listen to live music from 7 to 11 p.m. Wednesday and Thursday, and 8 p.m. to midnight Friday and Saturday. Sunday, Clover Club will have a New Orleans-style, big-band brunch. Or just go to drink anytime it’s open. Reservations for tables to view the performances require the purchase of an entree.

The Clover Club Cocktail is one that predates Prohibition and has gin, lemon juice, raspberry syrup and egg white.EXPAND
The Clover Club Cocktail is one that predates Prohibition and has gin, lemon juice, raspberry syrup and egg white.
Louis Rajsich

Clover Club sits next to Coal Vines at Cedar Springs Road and Maple Avenue. There’s a rooftop with a bar and “the best view of Dallas,” according to Campbell. The overall goal, from stepping out of the car to dining with the sound of the band to drinking on the rooftop, is to take the guest back in time.

“We felt we were ready. When I brought up to Brad that this space was available — and we particularly like this space because it’s in our neighborhood … It was actually Brad’s idea,” Campbell says. “This is our time to do our live-music club."

The Clover Club, 2404 Cedar Springs Road, Suite 400 (Uptown). Open 6 p.m.-2 a.m. Wednesday-Saturday, 11 a.m.-6 p.m. Sunday.

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