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Eight Hot Dog Toppings To Make Your July Cookouts Awesome

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Homemade Mustard

Grab a can of Coleman's mustard powder and follow the directions on the back, or if you're feeling extra spicy look up one of a million recipes on the internet for mustard made with beer. When you make mustard from scratch it packs a serious wallop akin to the wasabi overdose you endured the first time you visited a sushi restaurant. That plastic yellow bottle will never look the same again.



Not the stuff in a can or bag that you get at the grocery store, but hand-crafted, fermented cabbage. When made fresh in small batches the vegetable retains its chew and the flavors are more mild, less salty, and let your hot dog stand on its own. Bolsa Mercado sells some on occasion. If that doesn't work try a German deli and ask for the best stuff they have.


Hoisin Sauce

It's not just for pho. Hoisin is sweet, complex and perfect to slather on a hot dog bun. Try it paired with tart toppings like a vinegar laden slaw to help tone down the acid.



The king of all southern relishes, chow-chow puts that green stuff to shame. It's spicy, crunchy, and perfect on a hot dog with a big smear of mustard. Most grocery stores carry store versions but just like with many of these toppings, you'll get a lot more flavor and intesity if you make your own.

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