Eight Things That Should Really Get Fried At The 2011 Texas State Fair

Yesterday, Mark Zable's fried biscuits and gravy announcement got us all hyped up for the fried fare at this year's State Fair of Texas. We're just days away from the official announcement of the finalists of the Big Tex Choice Awards and we're all sitting around wondering, "Well, if fried biscuits and gravy didn't make it into the finals round -- what possibly could have made it?"

We have hopes. We have dreams. And now, we have a list of the eight fried foods we hope are finalists for this year's Big Tex Choice Awards. Behold:

gabbahey suggested this one in the comments section. Can't really think of anything better than a Fried Pimp Juice.

Fried Ranch Dip
Use a Ruffles-based batter and we immediately bone you. The next year, do fried hummus and every vegan everywhere will love you forever, too.

Fried Foie Gras
Chris Danger suggested this one in the comments section. We have to agree that it could easily win the Most Creative title based on how many people would instantly cry just at the sight of this fried item. Some sad tears, some happy tears. All crying.

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