Elephants Never Forget, and We Won't Forget What's Her Name...Hanna

There's an elephant in the room. Or maybe at the Dallas Farmers Market. Read on.

City of Ate For her next-to-last Dallas review, Hanna Raskin visits Park and finds the dishes overwrought, misleading and inconsistent -- and drowned in lemon juice.

Alice Laussade describes the food at Szechwan Pavilion to "a bunch of unicorns singing 'Like a G6,'' which might make sense to some palate, somewhere.

In his fashion, Anthony Bourdain blathers on about something and is arrogant while doing so. But this time, he kind of mentions City of Ate.

Nick Rallo has something else he'd like to tell you about.

An award-winning vegan chocolate tart? Took them long enough.

Hanna makes a list of her last few Texas meals. We'll miss you, Hanna. Good luck in Seattle!

Side Dish Todd Johnson is delighted by Oddfellow's breakfast and lunch selection and the clash of cultures enjoying it.

And then elephants ate fruit at the Dallas Farmers Market. That's not a joke or a euphemism.

Pegasus News The Keller Farmer's Market will have its grand opening on May 7. You can get your fresher-than-fresh produce a couple weeks early during their soft opening, which starts April 23.

Your restaurant doesn't have a fire pit? What are you, Atlanta?

Eating in Dallas Pizza tour! Climb on a bus, spend the day eating pizza. Just as great as the Taco Tour, but times infinity and plus one.

The Brad's Adventures in Food Brad Murano presents visual tour through Komali. There are some words, too, but really, check out those pictures.

Chowhound Everyone can settle down. Chowhound has figured out the Top 10 things to eat. Done. Simple enough.

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