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Even Tailgate Snacks Come With a Cause
for Giants Fans

How does a Giants fan celebrate the start of the World Series? With a community supported agriculture box, of course.

Winning the title for "Game tie-in least likely ever to be seen in Dallas," San Francisco's popular 4505 Meats this week announced it was putting together two packages of locally grown, processed, butchered and cured meats intended for game-time snacking. The deluxe package, priced at $90, includes homemade chicharrones, spicy peanut cracker jacks, pork rillette, six beer brats and six dogs made with jalapeño and cheese.

4505 owners Ryan and Cesalee Farr are distributing their World Series boxes at Local Mission Eatery this afternoon and couldn't be reached for comment. But there are a few items in the locavore box that suggest Texas -- rarely considered the Bay Area's culinary equal -- may have an edge on northern California when it comes to tailgate food.

The box includes beer and jalapeño brisket, bean dip and homemade Fritos, 4505's version of the chip C.E. Doolin pioneered in his San Antonio kitchen. All the Farrs forgot was a serving of scratch-made queso.

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Hanna Raskin
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