Every Day is a Party at Cake Bar

Cake Bar sold out of cake on their opening weekend. Many a cake-seeker knocked at their door only to be met with a sign that meant they were S-O-L. That was almost a year ago. Surely by now, the enthusiasm has died down, right? Wrong.

Even on a Wednesday night, even in the face-melting scorch of summer, the line stretches as long as the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge that looms in the background. One has to wonder if this is because the cake is really that impressive or if it’s more of a lemming effect. Well, consider the fact that owner Tracy German, with training from her mama in addition to a formal culinary education, sold baked goods out of her home for 14 years before opening Cake Bar. She might just know a thing or two about cakes.

This is apparent when you lay eyes on the beautifully displayed confections pedestaled before you in the quaint-looking shop. The mouth-watering triple-layered selections includes classic flavors like chocolate and strawberry, as well as more unusual offerings such as hummingbird and Key lime. You can take home a whole cake or buy by the slice. Pair your choice with a scoop of vanilla, chocolate or butter pecan ice cream for extra indulgence.

So why the line out the door? Sure, the cake — especially the strawberry with its slathering of jam between layers — is moist and flavorful, but it’s more than that. Cake is an indelible part of our culture, one that says “celebration.” No birthday party is complete without one, but your birthday only rolls around once a year. So while Trinity Groves diners have no-wait dessert options like savoring a truffle at Kate Weiser or an exotic bread pudding at Casa Rubia, they suffer the heat and turn any old Wednesday into a party.

This is probably the only time you’re going to wait in line for dessert, so you might as well create a cake orgy. Choose at least two flavors, bring a generous friend will choose two others, and share. The giant sign on the back wall of the shop (like a scoreboard advertising which flavors are sold out and which are still available) will help you narrow down your options. The indoor seating area is tiny, so you and your pal may have to sweat it out at a patio table (inexplicably with no chairs). Don’t let this or the unceremonious service poop on your party. There’s no time for sitting anyway. This is a celebration—you should be dancing.

Cake Bar, 3011 Gulden Lane #117, www.cakebardallas

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.