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Ex La Grange Manager and Fuzzy's Partner to Reopen Nightclub in Deep Ellum

Hipsters everywhere rejoice! La Grange, the Deep Ellum music venue that closed last fall, will soon open again as a new club called Three Links.

Through multiple iterations that included casual bar food, various brunch buffets, a kitchen expansion and a recent stint with Rock and Roll Tacos, La Grange's food business never got its footing under previous ownership over three years. The space felt more like a bar than a place to grab a snack, and the food was consistently bad anyway.

One of the former managers, Scott Beggs, and his various new partners announced via Central Track that the new club will partner with Fuzzy's Tacos in an attempt to shore up the restaurant side of the business.

If this sounds familiar, this is their second attempt to pawn off the kitchen to a taco restaurant. Rock and Roll Tacos, which operated a food truck out front of the bar before moving inside, was their first try at decoupling food service by partnering with an independent business.

Beggs and his partners plan to open the bar as soon as they get their certificate of occupancy.

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