Examining the NFL Playoffs Through Food

It's that time of year again. Every January my food-perverse mind converts professional football teams into dishes as a way to explore great food from around the country. Last year we enjoyed a lively discussion as different teams jockeyed for a chance to play in the Superbowl, and I'm hoping this year is no different.

Of course, the Cowboys robbed us of any discussion of brisket tacos making the playoffs -- again -- so you'll have to pick a new team or two if you want to play along. Really, though that's half the fun.

This year's list has a few newcomers. Cowboys fans are probably lamenting the addition of the Washington Redskins to this year's playoff season, but I'm more than happy to examine the ubiquitous half-smoke that's available from every single hot dog stand that occupies D.C. city streets.

Seattle is another new contender, which will give us a chance to give Hanna Raskin a call to see what football fans are eating in Washington state. Meanwhile, Minnesota and Indianapolis will give us new opportunities to look at how Midwestern cities can be realized through food.

You need to back a team if you're going to keep the playoffs interesting. If you don't have any strong ties to any of the surviving contenders, you might as well base the decision on food. Houston is once again our last chance to celebrate any dishes from Texas. Hopefully the Texans will beat out Cincinnati chili for a chance to celebrate with some Lone Star chow.

Here are the remaining teams:

Cincinnati Houston Denver New England Baltimore Indianapolis Atlanta San Fransisco Green Bay Minnesota Seattle Washington

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