Famed Sustainable Farmer Joel Salatin In Town for Dinner, Conversation and a Workshop

The evangelical-esque farmer Joel Salatin, who gained icon status from The Omnivore's Dilemma and the documentary "Food Inc.," which referenced his work as examples of sustainable farming, will be in town next week for two events. The first is a dinner and conversation at Four Corners Brewery, which will help raise money to send local farmers to his workshop the next day.

Salatin's family-run Shenandoah Valley farm uses a rotational farming method to create a self-contained ecological system. It all has to do with poo, grazing and electrical fences, which is very fascinating once you learn a bit about it, promise.

On Tuesday (March 26), Salatin will join the Oak Cliff-based local organic market Urban Acres for A Steward's Dinner at Four Corners brewery. Local chefs Nicole Van Camp, Graham Dodds and Chad Houser will create a four-course meal using ingredients donated by local, organic farms.

Proceeds from the dinner, which cost $125, will help to send local farmers to Salatin's Clean Economy Series Workshop on Wednesday, March 27, at Mountain View College.

Seating is limited, however there are a few spots left. If you're out on dinner, but like the idea of helping a local farmer attend his workshop, you can also donate to the cause.

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