Farmers Converge on Killeen to Talk No Soy Feed and Epsom Salts

The "to" in farm-to-table will get plenty of attention at an upcoming conference hosted by the Texas Organic Farmers & Gardeners Association

The theme of the group's annual three-day conference, scheduled to start on January 28 in Killeen, is "Texas Farms Direct." As the website explains it, "the conference will focus on bringing organic and sustainably raised products from the farm to the marketplace." For visual learners, there's a poster with a road stretching between a farm and a city skyline.

Staffer Lee Mackey declined to say how the organization settled on its theme or which strategies conference speakers might advocate, but said "There are many challenges facing farmers."

Mackey says about 300 people typically attend the event, now in its fifth year. The schedule allows for socializing, but Mackey insists most farmers come for the educational opportunities. This year's presenters include Ana Sofia Jones, director of the film Fresh; livestock and forage consultant Will Winter; Howard Garrett, known as The Dirt Doctor; and organic horticulturist Brad Stufflebeam.

"There are sessions running all day long," Mackey says.

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