Farmers Markets Barbecue and Ramen: This Week in Dallas Dining

I'm certainly ready for the weekend. The weather is perfect for patio drinking, farmers market shopping, and I think there might be a parade around here somewhere, too. Don't get too excited yet, though. We've got a week to wrap up first.

This week I wrote about Desta, the Greenville Avenue Ethiopian restaurant that recently opened just a few weeks ago. The story of two sisters who worked hard to reopen the place after a family tragedy is a good one.

Elsewhere on CoA, we talked about all sorts of barbecue. There was this spot about a new Hawaiian barbecue place on Lemmon Avenue, and this one on a new barbecue book due out in May. We also took a look at the DMN's BBQ posse roundup, just in case you want to plan your own barbecue road trip before Daniel Vaughn's book comes out.

LDD pointed out Plano's new farmers market, while I paid a visit to the White Rock Local Market and watched Chad Houser bang out a great panzanella riff with ingredients he purchased that morning.

Over on the Eats Blog the Guide Live Group checked out the latest Torchy's Tacos, while Kim Pierce talked with J.T. Lemley at the Dallas Farmers Market. And while this wasn't technically on the blog, this slide show featuring local food artisans is worth a few clicks. Chocolate microchip cookies?

Finally, yesterday I pointed to an article on Texas Eats blog about ramen and I want to point it out again. In addition to some steamy soup porn (is that a thing?) there's a really cool video at the end of the post featuring a 24-hour ramen shop in Japan. Actually I like it so much I'm going to embed it here too. Watch, and see if it doesn't inspire your own trip to try Marc Cassel's excellent ramen.

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