Fast Food Car Gadgets From a Local TikToker That Are Genius

Does this box from In-N-Out actually make eating in a car any easier?
Does this box from In-N-Out actually make eating in a car any easier? Photo by Ashley Green on Unsplash
While we all may disagree on how useful TikTok is, we know it's more than just teenagers dancing. It’s also really good at telling us what it thinks we need to buy, and often it works. In fact, several creators have been able to make a career out of telling us what we didn’t know we needed.

One of these is Dallas-Fort Worth resident Rachel Meaders, who has been telling us exactly what we didn’t know we needed from Amazon for over a year now. Her viral videos on TikTok have sparked sell-outs on many items, and for us fast-foodies there are a few items that just might make life much easier.

Saucemoto Dip Clip

Gone are the days of scrubbing ketchup out of your car seats. The Saucemoto Dip Clip holds most condiment cups and comes with its own ramekin you can squeeze your sauces into if your sauce doesn’t fit.

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Steering Wheel Lap Tray

Ever try to balance a drink, food and fries in your lap, all while shifting gears and smoking a ciggie? Well, you shouldn't do that and this won't help, but it's pretty cool nonetheless. This tray has a cup holder and fits right over your steering wheel. It also works great for those last-minute Zoom meetings when you’re in your car. 

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♬ original sound - Rachel Meaders

Reusable Portable Spork

If you’re looking to reduce plastic waste and are always eating on the go, this spork is perfect for salads, messy foods and Taco Bell potatoes. It's dishwasher safe, reusable and can fold up to fit in a small travel case.

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♬ original sound - Rachel Meaders

Car Cup French Fry Holder

While this isn't from a local TikToker, we got in a rabbit hole and couldn't stop. Why french fry containers aren’t shaped like cup holders makes zero sense, but this invention makes sure you have a safe space for your fries, no matter if you’re team curly, straight or waffle. It's essentially a french fry car seat. Buckle up.

Drink Holder Tray Table

Drivers aren't the only ones who get their own tray. Passengers can stuff the base of this drink holder tray table into any cup holder for the perfect swizzle table. This is perfect for keeping blobs of ketchup and grease off your khakis. Bonus: It has a phone holder. 
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